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The Soterogram's early detection of general atherosclerosis  is a game changer  for your practice

·  Identify early-stage development of atherosclerosis 5-10 years before  and with greater accuracy than traditional techniques 

    such as CMIT, standard ABI, Pulse Wave and Photoplethysmography (PPG)

·   Gain better control of upstream chronic care management cost in today's value based reimbursement environment

·   Differentiate your diagnostic services from your competitors

·   Improve your practice's financial performance through diagnostics, chronic care management and intensive behavioral

    counseling for CVD

Interested in having the Soteria Platform installed in your offices?

 Look at a few of the Benefits:

- Purchase, Lease and Pay-Per-Procedure plans for every practice size and budget

- AMA and CMS approved CPT-10 Codes

- We recommend testing all patients over age 18, especially those patients having least 1 heart disease risk-factor

- Enhances your diagnosis abilities. Enhances your patients health!

For more information on transforming you practice, please contact us by email at:  Sales@soteremedical.com